Shocking Ass Shorts Volume II

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Our Shocking Ass Shorts program has been an essential part of the Frightening Ass Film Festival for years, and though at our physical festivals in the past, we've only had the time to include a single block of short films now that everything is all virtual and Lawnmower Man and shit we've expanded our traditional Shocking Ass Shorts block into a trilogy of terrifying treats with Shocking Ass Shorts Vol 1, 2, and III!


A young man working the graveyard shift at an old video store soon discovers something very sinister about the place. 
A young man working the graveyard shift at an old video store soon discovers something very sinister about the place.


Hang On
Having survived a harrowing plane crash, an army pilot finds himself suspended from a canopy of trees high above the forest floor by his parachute. After making contact with his co-pilot on the ground, they realize that something is stalking them in the dark.


Someone's dying for a drink.
A woman (played by A Nightmare On Elm Street's Heather Langenkamp) takes action once she is sure that someone, or something, is sneaking into her room at night.

The Purple Iris

Freedom always come with a price.
In the near future, a refugee with a purple iris attempts to cross the border to start a new life, but is kidnapped by a doctor obsessed with collecting the rarest eyes.

No One Is Coming

Don't Bother Screaming.
A young woman awaits the return of her boyfriend at a secluded cabin only to discover that she may in fact not be alone.

Welcome to Helltown

Come for the lakeside view. Stay forever.
SHOCK! Ghost stories. BOO! Local legends. GAG! Everything you’ve heard is true. In Helltown. Allow the Genuine Nerd from Cleveland, Ohio, Toby Radloff (American Splendor), to guide you through three weird tales that could only happen in Northern Ohio… on the Fourth of July. Welcome to Helltown.

From Camera To Console: The Thing

The sequel to John Carpenter's THE THING that you never knew existed!
In this episode, Dustin talks adaptation and how successful the 2002 game "The Thing" is at bringing John Carpenter's 1982 horror classic to an interactive medium.