Sister Tempest



Availability ended 11/1/2020 6am EDT
Roommates are a real nightmare.
Anne Hutchinson's troubled relationship with her missing sister is under alien tribunal. Meanwhile, her new roommate's mysterious illness causes her to go on a cannibalistic killing spree. Filmmaker Joe Badon described the film thusly on its Kickstarter page “Like Mulholland Drive meets Holy Mountain meets Zardoz”.


Directed by Joseph Badon

Written by Joe Badon
Jason Kruppa

Production Company Two Headed Venus Productions

Produced by Joe Badon
Joseph Estrade
Daniel Waghorne
Miles Daniel Hendler
Dustin Rosemark
Chris Marino
Clint Carney
Richard Brown
Gina Brown
Jen Brunjes

Cast Kali Russell
Holley Bonney
Alex Stage
Linnea Gregg
Aubrey Elise
Nadia Eiler

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